October 9, 2017

Episode 13: Original Vin

Hurricane Vince returns to the show to discuss life at large. Frank gets back to work. Family dynamics, career aspirations, and phallic themes are discussed ad naseum

September 25, 2017

Episode 12: Juggalo ‘66

The show returns from Summer Vacation. Aaron is mean to his mom. Stanley exerts dominance over his clan. Bad TV, a civil rights march, Game of Thrones, and rocketry are explored.


Aaron and Kory recall adventures in retail, indecent proposals, recycling, nicotine withdrawal, and the grimier corners of futurism. 


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Aaron and Stan move to the summer studio, discuss a birthday party, aviation difficulties, and unpleasant potables. Suicide Squad, You the Jury, the gender pantheon, and barbaric medical malpractices are explored.


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Stranger Things, Star Wars, Titanic, The Blue Blazer, Rage, Vince shows Aaron various pictures, The Afterlife, Brothers, Drive-by Slapping, and other topics are discussed in a compilation of lost content from past recordings.



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Dating Naked's Vinny comes in to talk about the reality experience, his twin brother, finding romance in a post-virtue America, and the murky depths of the internet. A new branch of scientific theory emerges. 

February 15, 2017

Episode 7: To Catch a Producer

Jason make his debut. Stanley comes out of the producer's booth to receive multiple beatings. Childhood mischief, The Golden Age of Will Smith, and Aaron gets a media exclusive.


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Aaron recounts an underwhelming adventure. Kory is a high-test alpha male. A new star bursts into existence. Technology gone awry, the dystopian state, and gender inequity are discussed.




Aaron and his guest discuss the Mandela Effect, the temporal adventures of Donald Trump, childhood mischief, and a rising new hip hop star. Stampvidz ups their marketing budget.


Aaron and Stan confront the Ghost of Christmas Past, watch a movie trailer, and speculate about the solvency of local businesses. The show wins back a sponsor. 



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